S'pore retiree gambles at Resorts World for six straight days

A Singaporean retiree spent six days straight gambling at the tables of Resorts World casino last month. That includes going without showers or change of clothes for her marathon casino sessions, as well as just "coffee and Milo" to keep her going. After all, she slept roughly just four hours a day during her gambling binge.The New Paper reports that Madam Alice Tan, 64, lost $12,000 over the six-day session. The mother of four also revealed the reason why she refused to shower and insisted on going to the casino day after day: a fortune teller had told her she would strike it rich as her "fortune star would be at its brightest" a week before Chinese New Year, which fell on Feb 3 and 4 this year. "No need for fresh change of clothes; I just wet the towel, clean-rub and then use the deodorant," she said."What for (use shower facilities)? It may wash away my luck. Anyway who cares about smell because most times I'd be on the smoking floor since I smoke," she said. "Instead of fresh underwear, I just change panty-liners," she added.She also told the paper that her six-day binge was her longest ever and most times, she would spend only "two to three days maximum at either RWS or Marina Bay Sands."She also revealed how she only needs an hour's nap a day when gambling and can sleep anywhere in the casino, including her own car or along the casino's walkways. When she's "really too tired", she would move from the gambling tables to the jackpot machines which "no need to use brain power... just hit the button and depend on luck".Otherwise, her favourite game was baccarat and that she usually bet between $500 to $1000 per hand. She set her loss limit at $20,000 per trip.Madam Tan, who lives in a four-room HDB flat in Simei, said her eldest son -- an architect -- paid the annual $2,000 membership for her at both RWS and MBS. She also gets a monthly allowance of $5,800 from her four children. Despite being on a losing streak since last July, she said she "can still afford it" and as long as she doesn't gamble on credit, "I won't have to worry about running up debts".When contacted, her eldest son said he and his three siblings "are aware of and don't mind our mother's hobby."Madam Tan is part of a group of punters who can spend days on a gambling binge.Just last month, a South Korean research fellow from the National University of Singapore was thought to be missing only for it to be revealed later that he had spent 16 days straight at MBS and had never left the premises.
p/s: baca je pun dah kegelian, tak dapat nak bayangkan!


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