Friday, May 30, 2014


This week is the 1st ever week we are stay 24/7 at our new house. Its totally amazing! i love it so much! 1st af all i thought its gonna be so tiring and clumsy week ever but im totally wrong. This week is full of fun and of course this week also a week that full of worried feeling. As a mother of course my son will be at the 1st place. This week 26 may 2014 is the first day hariz at daycare. And yes he crying! oh my baby... 

1st day at school: hariz  refuse to drink milk at all... merajuk kot... but he eat and drink as usual, same goes to sleep and play. Alhamdulillah.

2nd day at school: He crying as ususal. I tell the teacher what hariz do likes and dont. Alhamdulillah today he drink milk as normal as before, cuma ada jatuh sikit, nampak lebam kat dagu.

3rd day at school:  He cry again in the morning. Im ask my neighbour for help to spy the daycare. Around afternoon my neighbour said that the teachers are so professional attend the children with ethic. still wearing apron even though parents are not around and the kids also happy playing here and there. Im a bit release and notice that hariz are now knows how to drama hehe... he understand that im gonna leave him at daycare and go to work.

4th day at school: im not so worry like before but i notice hariz seems like having an infection at his eyes. Ada taik mata not as usual but his eyes xde nampak merah or bengkak or having tears... i think maybe hariz alergy to the hand sanitizer as the daycare is using hand sanitizer for hygienity. So today i ask the teacher not to apply the hand sanitizer to hariz, will wait and see 1-2 days for any improvement.

Thats all about hariz... and now come to mine! My story is a bit hilarious... this is my 1st time having a long ride with big bikes.i never have a long ride eventhough he had the big bike for almost 3 years and i only ride for a short distance for less than 10 times. And of course i didnt have a good helmets (im only using LS2), a pair of suitable shoes, glove, jackets.... bla bla bla... not safety at all.

1st time wearing helmets for a long ride i feel like this...
  yes... fly me to the moon and let me play among the star!
forgive me frank sinatra.... uhuhuhu

i cant stop myself smiling behind him... actually riding is not tiring at all when u stay back there... you can enjoy the environment clearly... and you even can sing loudly along the way like nobody business! that what i did!

through this week journey i have chances to enjoy the rain, sun rise, sunset... so true... it is soo beautiful. I wish i can stop and snap a picture someday.

i falling in love with my new house day by day... the surroundings take me back to nature a little bit. Next project is to color our garden with flower and keep it green and calm.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last friday my old friend loosing his son who fighting with luekimia...

Al Fatihah to this little child... i never meet him but i feel very close to him as his mummy always share everything about him in ig n blog. I feel her pain, her lost n sadness... i cried again and again reading all her words every morning. I knew how she felt wokeup every morning without his son beside.

and there are lots more words i like to share here but i cant... dear fren, i cant even put myself at your place, i pray may you will be granted with lots of strength and lots of love around you... may you have a bundle of joy ahead and may time will heal your pain and sadness away. Be strong and keep share your story to people because u are such an inspiring mommy to other people out there including me.


*today im listening to bsb songs, songs that we used to listen during our teenager period years ago... and i notice several lines that means a lot today..."what my love is all i have to give...", "i'll go anywhere for you....", without you i dont think i can live..."there is no where to run, i have no place to go, surrender my heart, body and soul..."............. ya, all the words.... bring my tears...

A LONG 8484


It was a long time passing by 8414 but i only have time to write something here today. 8484 is back again last month and i write as usual as what hapen on that day. nothing special, no surprise cake or gift from husband. just a wish on fb wall from him and from my other lovely friends. but what makes me so touched is a phone call from far-far away... a call from ayah. Every year ayah will be the first person who wish me happy birthday. This year he called from kebun instead of sms as before. That was a very special gift ever this year. Yes true, i cried after hang off the phone... i felt like im not 30 just a little girl, ayah's girl forever... the only man who love me that much! im blessed for this birthday gift this time! =)

im homesich no. miss kampung so bad!