The Key to a Long Life

From the book : The Longevity Project

The book presents three reasons why conscientious people live longer:

1. They are more likely to obey the rules, protecting their health, and not engaging in risky behaviors such as smoking or driving without a seat belt. If a doctor tells them to take a medicine, they take every prescribed dose.

2. "Conscientious individuals are less prone to a whole host of diseases, not just those caused by dangerous habits," they found. "It appears likely that conscientious and unconscientious people have different levels of certain chemicals in their brains."

3. "The most intriguing reason conscientious people live longer is that having a conscientious personality leads you into healthier situations and relationships," the research concluded. "They find their way to happier marriages, better friendships, and healthier work situations."

I can make it simple and short ----> "don't worry. be happy" and "smile always"


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