My Lovely Son: Mainan Paling Hariz Suka

He is my heart my soul. Balik kerje tengok kesayangan ni main... heaven nyeeee... im blessed!

Hariz ni dari awal2 lagi dah tunjuk focus terhadap sesuatu. Contohnya program tv yang dia suka dia akan tengok tak berganjak, tp klo cartoon2 lain, nah.... bolayan. Same goes to toys, he only play with kind of puzzle toys and books. Of course he cant read but he enjoy flip the pages and look at the photos in the book. Dia tak berapa minat sangat animal type toys or any pretty toys but unuseful. He always choose the one that he can play or work with. I call him GREAT!

*I always play sudoku during wonder... like ummi like son hehehe



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