A self-treatment

after a couple of month being a papa-ummi for 24/7, i need to reward myself a thankyou gift... beloved husband also say YES  so what you waiting for?

elok ada spa kat sebelah office ni, dah lama pun tak pegi, dulu nama dia TANAMERA SPA and now dah tukar nama jadi ALAMMI SPA and still use the tanamera product and the best thing is much more cheaper hehehe... start form rm30-600++ (kalau tak silap, i tgk sepintas lalu ja)

 compared to tanamera, this new deco are more modern, simple and sleek

yes, simple

lepas ni i pulak taja husband i... as a kasih sayang gift gittewww...

p/s: the price are reasonable
the staff are friendly
the environment are nice
klo boleh hari-hari nak datang*


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