ME and MY D90

hello, how are you guys? i have no mood to work today, with no aircond here plus bad haze out there... hm.... not comfortable at all.

i just view my old album in my fb and i just realize i seldomly share my photos taken using my D90 in this blog.

im not a pro n never been to any photography classes but i adore those beautiful photos taken by my friends, professional photo-g and some are from talented blogger.
*how i dream to have a great photos too =)... how i wish

malu nye nak tunjukkkk.... hahaha, but tgk la ek...*tutup muka-nah tengok!

 was taken about 4 years ago if im not mistaken -sigh... im older now, pelupa already

try to have a street-shot style... this photos taken in 2011 (when i was young with no wrinkle-bahahaha)

this is one of my fav picture... mbe because of the color or mbe the flower is just too pretty and i love the bokeh style. this picture also taken in 2011

this photo a little bit over... this is my 1st time try to shot the moon light n of course the lense cant capture what eyes can see plus the photo-g also not good enough hehehe... but at least i have a try right?

and lastly, a picture of me, it was taken by my husband... my bf during that time actually... i just love the photo... cant you see how happy i am?

hahahhaa... thats all for now, will see you again once i have new idea to write... see ya!


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