Friday, February 27, 2015

Kitchen Appliance: Drawer Fridge

Haii.. smalam i ada tulis pasal dapur sempit dan kecik kan... hari ni I terjumpa sesuatu yang menarik dan sesuai diaplikasikan untuk dapur yang sempit. Sepanjang dok baca majalah deco keluaran Malaysia memang tak pernah jumpa lagi cerita pasal drawer fridge ni. Maaf la kalau terlepas pandang. Biasanya brand yang diguna pakai ialah hotpoint keluarang UK. Fridge ni memang selalu diguna pakai bagi jenis kediaman microhouse, studio apartment, tiny home... kat Malaysia memang jarang la nak jumpa sbb rumah2 kat Malaysia jarang diperkenalkan dengan konsep macam ni.
ni la contoh drawer frige:

menarik kan? kemas dan bergaya...
ada juga yang boleh dicustom made ikut kc kesayangan anda
kemas kan?
ni antara susun atur dalam fridge... limited dan kemas...

sebenarnya fridge jenis ni sesuai dijadikan fridge kedua samada nak letak kat wet kitchen or nak letak dalam bilik (master bedroom-sekali dengan build in cabinet), pantry di tingkat atas... just incase rumah anda jenis botingkek2... dan sebagai fridge utama bagi rumah yang ada ruang yang sempit.
bawah ni adalah penerangan untuk jenis2 fridge: - mcm biasa, sumber dari google
  • Freestanding Refrigerators: These refrigerators come fully finished on both sides and on top, so they can stand adjacent to a counter without any custom cabinetry required. Most often freestanding refrigerators slide in an alcove that has been designed for such use. This type is best for the budget-conscious buyer. Word of warning for those replacing an old freestanding refrigerator with a new one: don't assume the new fridge will be an exact fit, even if it's the same model updated: advances in energy efficiency have brought the need for more insulation and have added a few inches to the depth of many units.
  • Built-In Refrigerators:  Installed to be flush with the surrounding cabinets, built-ins typically have custom door fronts (added to match the cabinetry), and require installation by a contractor. Most commonly offered in 24- to 48-inch widths and hovering around 84-inches tall (thanks to vents at the top or the bottom), these refrigerators are shallower than typical freestanding models. The lack of depth is typically made up for in wider widths. Some people prefer the shallower space because it's easier to see and reach items. Built-ins are at the high end of the cost spectrum.
  • Cabinet Depth Refrigerators: Designed to give the built-in look at a lower cost and without custom cabinet work, these freestanding refrigerators align flush with cabinets (to make this work, these designs are typically 24 inches deep—standard cabinet depth—while most freestanding models are 27 inches deep). Note that cabinet-depth models require an inch or so of breathing room on the sides and top so as not to overheat. A flexible option, cabinet-depth refrigerators are available in many heights.
  • Under-Counter Refrigerators: Refrigerator drawers and compact, swing-door models have gained traction in the past few years as a great solution for small kitchens; they also work well as second fridges for beverages and party foods. They typically measure 24-by-36 inches and fit into a standard dishwasher-sized cabinet opening. Built-in models sit flush with cabinetry and vent out the front. Freestanding compact refrigerators vent out the back and require ample room on all sides to avoid overheating. (ni la jenis fridge yang kita dok cerita kat sini)

  • sekiannnnn... jumpa lagi

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