A LONG 8484


It was a long time passing by 8414 but i only have time to write something here today. 8484 is back again last month and i write as usual as what hapen on that day. nothing special, no surprise cake or gift from husband. just a wish on fb wall from him and from my other lovely friends. but what makes me so touched is a phone call from far-far away... a call from ayah. Every year ayah will be the first person who wish me happy birthday. This year he called from kebun instead of sms as before. That was a very special gift ever this year. Yes true, i cried after hang off the phone... i felt like im not 30 yet...im just a little girl, ayah's girl forever... the only man who love me that much! im blessed for this birthday gift this time! =)

im homesich no. miss kampung so bad! 


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